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Experienced Leadership in International Education Consulting

For schools. For families. For communities.

Consulting Services

Expertise. Inspiration. Action.

Dynamic solutions for schools and individuals seeking to innovate curriculum and assessment, increase student engagement and inspire teacher leadership.


Mentoring, professional development training and school organization initiatives are just some of the service available online and in-person, worldwide.

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Professional Development Workshops for Teachers

Professional Development is no longer just a one-off workshop. Bespoke teacher training can transform your team and create lasting impact through ongoing reflection and collaboration. Join online or book an unforgettable PD weekend in your school. Available in English and in French for K-12 schools worldwide.

  • Assessment design

  • Authentic engagement

  • Inclusion & differentiation

  • Interdisciplinary learning

  • Global citizenship

  • Holistic excellence

Organizational Solutions for Schools

Innovation is essential for learning communities to thrive in the 21st century. Traditional structures, systems and protocols can all be re-imagined for effectiveness and impact. Let us help your team reach a new level of excellence.

  • Curriculum mapping

  • Improving internal communications

  • Establishing external partnerships

  • Running effective team meetings

  • Transforming school culture

  • Preparing for accreditation

Career Mentoring for Educators

Teaching is a demanding profession. Finding the right balance of growth and personal fulfilment can be challenging, but the tools for success and happiness are within reach. Strategic investment in the right areas of personal improvement can open doors and take your career to new heights.

  • Leadership coaching

  • New teacher mentoring

  • Career fair preparation

  • Classroom strategies

  • Well-being support

Lasting Impact

What are people saying?

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Extremely effective delivery in differentiation for team building and leadership skills. An outstanding level of empathy was shown to all participants for this bespoke workshop on designing authentic curriculum, to ensure that all were challenged beyond their own skill level and able to contribute.

Mike Weston,
Head of School, Groningen, Netherlands

Le Gymnase Square.png

Excellent workshop on IB assessments. Thank you very much for the professional training for our team! In two days, our team was set on the path of change with a growth mindset, making us all lifelong learners and collaborators.

Beulah Henry,
IB MYP Coordinator, Strasbourg, France

IPS logo.png

The workshop on assessment was a wonderful combination of content and instruction with great application and real-world examples. Thank you for showing us that we can be a better version of ourselves!

Donche Risteska,
IB MYP Coordinator, Skopje, Macedonia

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